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Green, Green-Collar, Sustainable Energy Jobs

Are you interested in a green job? So-called green jobs are expected to grow dramatically over the next decade through a combination of public and private initiatives to increase the energy efficiencies of vehicles and buildings, expand the production of renewable and alternative energies (such as solar, wind, hydro, and biofuels), fortify sensitive environmental lands, create better transit systems, strengthen recycling and waste management programs, and develop corporate sustainability strategies.

Not currently working in a green job? No worries. Green jobs are available in the entire job spectrum. A large portion of emerging green jobs can be currently found in the traditional employment sectors of manufacturing, installation, fabrication, and operations -- as well as in the sciences, business, IT, education, and construction. Even better news is that it is fairly easy transitioning from a non-green industry to a green one, with most job-seekers having the ability of leveraging existing skills while gaining additional on-the-job training. (You may still need additional education, training, or certifications to make the transition easier, faster.)

Check out thr most recent green and eco jobs listed in the left column -- or use our powerful search engine to search for the specific eco-friendly, green position you seek. Finally, if you are looking for other green job sites, you can find them in our Useful Green Career and Job Links.

Green Job Titles

Here's just a small sample of the types of job titles you can search for when seeking a green job:
  • Solar energy system installer
  • Solar energy engineer
  • Solar energy sales consultant
  • Wind turbine machinist
  • Wind turbine electrical engineer
  • Wind turbine mechanical engineer
  • Wind field technician
  • Battery design engineer
  • Battery manufacturing technician
  • Energy specialist
  • Power system operator
  • Energy efficiency analyst
  • Energy efficiency manager
  • Lighting and HVAC engineer
  • Thermal power engineeer
  • LEED certification specialist
  • Green building architect
  • Green power electrician
  • Green plumber and pipefitter
  • Carpentry and construction specialist
  • Roofing and skylight installer
  • Automotive plant assembler
  • Air pollution specialist
  • Civil engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Environmental scientist
  • Market analyst
  • Energy trading specialist
  • Water treatment specialist
  • Transportation specialist
  • Software engineer
  • Sustainable tourism specialist
  • Empowering Green Career Books: Find books that can help you with your green, green collar, and sustainable energy career.

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